how to make your own motorcycle seat

10 years ago Glue on it's own is not ideal, … All the couches thrown out around here have been fabric recently, or I'd have a proper cover. About: I've dabbled in pretty much everything. In my case, there's no padding there. This one here is definitely a solo saddle... for now. It’s all the same just make the adjustments needed for your bike. Thanks man! Feb 7, 2012 - The custom motorcycle scene has grown significantly since the heyday of the custom choppers and bobbers in the late '60s and '70s. I seriously considered denim for a little while, but I'm not sure how long that would last. Once you have completed the above steps, you are now ready to take the seat off. Underneath the bike, you need to mark the locations where the pins are going in just by pressing the nails to the duct tape. Professionals charge high dollars to customize motorcycles, so you can help save some money and still customize your bike by creating your motorcycle seat yourself. A new leather motorcycle seat can be very expensive but for about $50 and a little labor, you can have a new, comfortable and stylish motorcycle seat for your ride. A perisope attachment for your neck will also come in handy. Place the seat in the proper position on the bike (sit on it to make sure... maybe even take a tentative lap) and reach underneath with a nail. Once you have prepared the socket set and extension, you may now begin the process of making your own motorcycle seat. So you’ve scoured the local classifieds and found a “bargain”, it’s rusted, there are birds nesting in the air box and what little pressure is left in the tyres was put in before you were even thought of. Step 1: Draw an Exact Plan of the Seat Shape. Mark the locations for your pins one at a time by pressing the nail into the tape, in such a way that the seat can be installed and removed easily, but with minimal other movement once it's installed. These need not wrap all the way around, but do make sure both ends are getting stuck to tape, not foam or wood. Whether you have to replace or restore a damaged seat or simply want a more comfortable ride, doing the job on your own is a … You have to keep the nose of the seat pinned while you rotate the back end in an upward arc, and the seat will come off. Continue your upholstering, working outward on each side of this center strip. Use at least two full layers. You might be wondering how you are going to mount the seat on your motorcycle. I stapled my foam to the plywood in the back to hold it roughly in place while I taped. And following this guide will surely help you do this task easier and with accuracy. on Introduction. To do this, you may want to take several laps while settling in a variety of positions, taking note of the place where your rear wants to sit naturally. Even though it is wet, you can still apply adhesive to the underside of the leather. Trust me on this, you want the bit your hipbones rest on to be higher than your tailbone's resting place. The stock seat was several inches thick. With the step-by-step instructions in this how-to video, you can reupholster your own motorcycle seat. Pull these extra taut. If it suits your taste, you may choose to add leather upholstery. You may opt to use quality seats that come with dense foam padding, making your ride very comfortable even for long hours. I "case" (wet) the leather under warm to hot water. Then, you need to take hold of your motorcycle seat’s tail and pull it back up. It's an extremely versatile medium. Black duct tape makes for an excellent seat covering when you have nothing else. I will take you to a further step with how to build a brat style bike. In this post, we are going to teach you how to make a motorcycle seat. - article by Tom Monroe. Measure precisely the length, width and depth of the custom seat you want to make. Mark your mounting holes from underneath and cut these out. Use the other hand and grab the tail of the seat and pull back/upwards. Seat replacement is such a common thing on motorcycles that there are dozens of companies making their own versions. Slide off the rails for the second time in two days. I would have just covered the original seat but thats just my opinion. Here’s what you should follow: Via: There are safety procedures for towing a motorcycle carrier. Make Your Own Seat Pan So you want to make a seat pan for your new chop, but don’t have the equipment to make one out of steel… then FIBERGLASS is for you. Although it is certainly possible to get a custom seat made, this is often very expensive. It has plenty of sticking power for this job. Nov 3, 2020 - Explore ChopCult's board "Custom Motorcycle Seats", followed by 22857 people on Pinterest. The seats we make look low profile, sleek, and clean, following the bad ass lines of your motorcycle getting you a melt in to your bike look. Nice ible! I succeeded in these goals. on Introduction, Thanks for putting the time in to write this, but can you explain what the advantage of this seat is over the standard one? Sure, you could bodge together something, but why do that when you've got all these wonderful holes right under where the seat is going to go? There's nothing like making your own seat to say, "I'm pretty much the king of the world of motorcycles". then a thin layer of padding over the entire thing with build ups in the proper seat area would have created a fully custom seat while covering the entire exposed bike. Ideally, they should cover the corner and extend far enough in so that your hipbones sit on them. Building my own "semi-bench" seat was quite fun, and I know what I'd do better the next time around. im not been funny but if you need to brake sharp in an emergency you will rip your knackers to bits on that bit on the tank where the seats meant to go buddy! You may draw your design using a pencil and paper. Go get ice for your groin. There's people on here lately who put up an Instructable and then as soon as someone says something about it that they don't agree with they let rip and start typing insults in BLOCK CAPITALS lol:) You could go for a thrift store jacket if you can spare a few bucks. All the fasteners you will be cussing at measure 10mm for a Honda 100. The fact that I'm extremely short, and didn't get along with the geomoetry of the stock seat. on Introduction. It’s a given some seat pans are quicker and easier to make from sheet metal but for this type, I have the seat wrap over the frame so fiberglass is my weapon of choice. Here are some steps to making your own beaded motorcycle seats. Precisely measure the length, depth, and width of your customized motorcycle seat and make sure that it feels right when you sit on it. TUFFSIDE: Tuffside Seats all started with my SR500 build ‘Devil’ about 4 years ago. I plan to keep the majority of my modifications on the bike reversible, so I opted to remove the stock seat and make my own from scratch (using Eastwood Tools of course!). What you can do is to use the holes found at the tank and the ones found in the back near the fender. I've been informed. After, cut 2 strips of padding, long enough to cover the corners and edges. After all, making your own motorcycle seat is a lot easier and cheaper than you think. I figured I'd tackle the challenge rather than go to the junkyard and grab a different seat. Making your own custom Gel Seat. What’s more? The denser the foam, the longer it will retain its' basic shape. The seat should match your bike precisely, and will be designed to blend with the styling of the rest of the bike. This seat design uses plywood. I liked the general shape of the stock seat, but not the size, so I decided to use the original seat as a pattern when making the seat frame up. Reply Since you are going to be brighter than I was and use two full layers, you will need to glue your second layer to your first. nice bike, well its better than my suzuki jr50 lol i needed a new seat 4 it so thanks for the ible! Remove the two mounting bolts, then push down on the lowest part of the seat, near the front. If you like it, don't forget to cast your vote in the Craft Skills contest! on Introduction. Reply Install the seat onto your motorcycle. Apply glue to the center of the leather, and the center of the top of the seat pan. Stapling the foam to the plywood will hold it in its correct place. Do the same with the other body part. 9 years ago Run a widthwise strip to trap your foam and strips in their proper places. Yes, I'd prefer if everything stayed intact, thank you very much. It … Not only is this unpopular with your tailbone, but I can assure you that you will slide off the slick framerails at least once. 11 years ago You can now use the duct tape to hold the padding securely onto the base and make sure to cover all the padding. It's a nice change of pace from my usual seat design, which is closer to a tractor seat than anything else, and made of different materials. It is also important to note that the fasteners that you are going to use should be dependent on the model of the motorcycle you are customizing. Sharp corners to the inside of the thigh aren't fun. Trace your template onto your plywood, including your mounting holes. Even though there are a lot of design schemes for motorcycle seats that you can purchase on the market, sometimes you just want to deal with the trouble yourself. You may draw your design using a pencil and paper. Remove the seat pan from the motorcycle by unscrewing it from the bike using a flat head screwdriver. Overall I'm proud of how well things turned out. Pity those wonderfully laid-out center holes can't be used, but oh well. Aug 12, 2015 - So you built a custom motorcycle and need to top it off with a custom seat. In choosing a new seat for your motorcycle, you first need to know where the best place is for your rear. Thanks! As the plywood is straight and your bike is not, there’s no doubt that the stock mounting holes will not work. Weekend Warriors. Buying our seats does not mean uncomfortable. Looks pretty sharp, don't it? Figure out where the best place is for your hind end by sitting on the bike. For a test fit, mount the U-bolts on the bike rear rack. Complicate this with a 3-second self-timer for the photos. Before we begin this tutorial, make sure that you have gathered all the materials that you will need in making a motorcycle seat, which includes the following: Making a customized seat for your motorcycle is a simple and fun thing to do and we are here to guide you through the process. Give your old seat new life with fresh upholstery. You may also plan the design of your seat using a software. Im sorry but that seat What was so wrong with the original? You may now get rid of the bolts that hold the seat of your motorcycle. Since we're using the weak stuff, make sure you stick the tape to itself every time you wrap a strip of it. Measure your body's hip and rear width to ensure the seat is the right size. Poke the holes for the U-bolts. I used carpet padding. Next up is buying a custom seat from a seat manufacturer other than your bike’s maker. Some movement is unavoidable, but not an issue once you have your weight on the seat. I hear tell that this model will do 45 miles an hour, but I don't have space to spend much time out of the first two gears. In fact, while you're at it, go grab a Sharpie and some cardboard, too. 10 years ago If you are, for instance, building a chopper, you need to modify the frame by changing the head pipe joint at the point where it is attached to the top from rail smack on the front frame down tube. I love the SV so much that I decided the best bike for my wife to ride (graduating from her GS500 with a lowered Corbin seat) would be my trusty SV650. Follow the guidelines below to make a custom motorcycle seat fitted to your specific motorcycle. Yes, those, ungodly far from any human access? You may use 2 whole layers of carpet for the bike seat’s padding. This requires an interesting motion. Until then, keep track of all the bolts and washers. Go ahead and try a couple of laps of your yard (an obstacle course to rival the endorsement test) in various positions if you like, but let me warn you that the framerails have the friction coefficient of Teflon-coated ice, especially in corners where you really need to stay on the bike. Your new seat won't be. You need to mold the top piece of leather to the shape of the seat. Once you've seen it, things go back together easier. Place a washer and another 1/4 inch bolt over the bracket and the bolts. I was wrong. It was at this point that I scrapped my original plan of putting carriage bolts throught the seat and threading nuts on from the other side. Fun. Fold the perimeter of the fabric in 2 inches to create a straight hem. Our seat had a lot of shape to it, so to get the best fit around all those contours we chose to use Morbern ® Allsport 360° 4-Way Stretch Vinyl. on Introduction, THAT BIKE VERY NICE...................BEFORE MODIFICATION. Reply These hold your back fender on. Remove them. Replace the seat pan on the bike and reattach with the screws. The problem is that she's much shorter than I am. The exterior of the fabric should be facing down. Professionals. Staple it on the underside of the plywood pan, or rivet it to the bottom of a metal pan. Wouldn't that be ironic, all this fuss over a screw and it's a pole that does the deed... Update for today: just spent five hours in the saddle, and my rear end is still attached! Meanwhile, Gerbing’s basic motorcycle vest sells for $125 here, and looks much nicer than my old one. Place your cardboard on the frame and trace the shape of the frame onto it from underneath. Lay one of the pieces that will make up the side of the motorcycle flat on the ground. Check once more to see if the seat cover is straight and tight. If I haven't odds are I'd like to learn how and try it. I would not have thought to use plywood, but it works quite well, is plentiful, and requires very little special ability. Given the fact that it would probably be coming from half-worn-out pants already... best stay away from the denim. It is important to note that when customizing your motorcycle, you don’t have to settle for standard seats. First, remove the mounting bolts and then apply pressure on the low part of the bike’s seat, which is usually near the front portion. This is even a further step, offering you a great shelter to carry goods and friends. Using a woodcutting blade and a jigsaw, you may now trace the template onto the plywood and cut the outline. on Introduction, okay the stock seat had you sit forward beacause your supposed to be forward you should be pretty much on the gas tank and dont tell me im wrong i race and have been racing for quite a while. Once you get the foam all covered in the narrow axis, make some longer strips to cover the back end. Or, you already have a tricked out ride but just want something to make it your own. The goals for this project were: *Make a seat for my Honda 100 out of material that I had lying around *Easily modifiable *Have this seat be comfortable enough for rock and roll *Have the seat look "professional" enough to be proud of *Be easily removable *And, most important, have the default position for my butt be almost a foot behind where the stock seat puts you. Remove the two mounting bolts, then push down on the lowest part of the seat, near the front. You want to pad those. At this point, this is an interim seat while I finish customizing the bike. You may want to leave the black tape if you prefer the look. OK, that may be a little extreme, but fabricating your own seat is still pretty awesome. After doing these steps, the motorcycle’s seat will finally come off. A rather ingenious setup, but a pain to work with "blind". gREAT JOB, 12 years ago Doing this ensures that your desired seat suits the look of your bike. I could have grabbed more foam, but I figured ol' ironbum would be fine with a little more than one layer. Most modern seats have the cover stapled on, which is obviously not possible with a metal or fibreglass base. You have to keep the nose of the seat pinned while you rotate the back end in an upward arc, and the seat will come off.You can see here how the seat and tank are mounted. Cut your pad to roughly fit your seat, with overhang on all the sides possible. You just need to remember to gather the materials before you begin, as it can also save you a lot of time. If it isn't, take out some or all of the staples and reposition it. Don't use Gorilla Tape, use regular old duct tape. I suspect that I will want to add more padding at some point (simply a matter of cutting the tape, laying a couple more layers of pad, and retaping). They should be about 1 ⁄ 4 inch (0.6 cm) in size, depending on the size of the frame of your bike. Remember, modifying is a mock-up process that will have you putt… After that, you need to take out the bolts, which hold the back fender. You could always customize your motorcycle seat to suit your needs. You may also plan the design of your seat using a software. Way too much sticking power. You can see here how the seat and tank are mounted. Step 1: Measure Motorcycle Seat for Beaded Covering. You might also notice that putting it back on is a lot easier than removing it. yeah 45 is about right. Just remember to keep your washers and bolts in a safe place while you are working on this step, so they would not get lost. As for riding, the seat rides great, but you have to be a bit careful when kickstarting that you don't clip the edge of the seat on your way up and knock things off kilter. Even though you may find it extremely difficult to do, you can do it. Run a strip of your duct tape lengthwise. Canvas would probably be ok, but I'm afraid denim wouldn't wear well. Did you make this project? Okay, got your bike out of the shed and into your workspace? If you really wanted to build your own, a conversation with Aerostich founder Andy Goldfine leads us to believe it’s nothing like rocket science. biker Metric: Hey Chris, welcome back.Let’s hear the story in your own words. Building and customizing a motorcycle is a great project, and you can create your own motorcycle seat to add customization and cut customization costs. Another good approach to the upholstery is to swipe some leather/vinyl from an old couch that's being thrown out. I'd like to tackle more seatmaking projects in this vein. fun bike but too small for anyone taller than 5'5''. How to Make a Pleated Seat Cover for a Motorcycle - YouTube Just because the seat that came with your bike is thicker than your new seat, knowing the most comfortable place is very important. I am a semi-self-employed insomniac who can barely ride a bicycle…. By altering this angle, your frame will look more like a chopper’s.Another alternative is to change the body so that it is fat around the tires and long along the frame. When the seat cover is correctly placed, shoot staples every 2 inches (5 cm) around the edge of the seat cover. I jumped off before impact, but I still nearly did the splits into the dang thing! you manuver better, prevent bringing up the front wheel up, and provides a smoother ride due to both shocks being used and not just the rear where you are sitting, 11 years ago If you used a thinner plywood and soaked it in hot water, you could have molded it to the underside of the original seat pan with clamps. Cheers, Reply A flat metal or fibreglass seat base suffers from the following four issues:-- There is no easy way to fix the seat cover to the base. Place the seat onto the bike and sit on it, making sure that it feels right for you. It might also help you if you have a periscope attached to your neck. First and foremost, make sure the placement of the motorcycle in the carrier does not cover the headlights, signal lights, taillights or stoplights of the vehicle towing it. 12 years ago If you stop and think about it and notice that you don't want to cram your hand under there, either, let alone try and tighten nuts that way, you'll scrap the bolt idea. Using a fabric tape measure, measure across the seat at both the front and the end. As it is, I kind of fancy it a "junior streetfighter" look without the side covers. Feeling saddle sore? Share it with us! I choose the brat style bike as an example. Making your own seat for your motorcycle is a very simple and fun thing to do, especially on a weekend. You should be proud of the finished job mate it looks brilliant,but its also good that you took my comment on board as positive criticism. If you're going for a quick-detach seat like I was, you'll be using five nails as locating pins. When I put a more classic tank on the bike, things will look less... jury-rigged. The home of all things upholstery. Many thanks to Skunkbait for that one, you saved me a lot of work! Also consider a Vinal fabric cover instead of the duct tape for a more professional finish. Of course, if you want a more permanent seat installation and your frame of choice allows you to access fasteners in the appropriate locations, drill your holes and put your bolts in now. We have way too much of the stuff, and rather than watch it become a condo for more spiders, I figured I'd use some of the excess. These hide the only two mounting bolts for the whole seat. Don't count on stapling everywhere with your handheld staple gun. This step is important as it makes sure that your seat can easily be installed and removed, as well. The tape has a good amount of grip (no more sliding off sideways! Follow this tutorial to learn how to make a seat fitted to your bike. What’s best about that is that you do not have to be a handyman to do this task. This is partly because of the physical limitations of my spare foam, and partially because I didn't want to encourage any part of my body to occupy that space. I really didn’t like the look, or fit of all the other Cafe seats on the market, and couldn’t imagine putting all that effort into a bike and then just plopping on some generic cheap seat. I've ridden a few too many miles on similar seats. You may choose to permanently remove these covers or you can reattach them once you have mounted the seat in its place. See those bolts? Via: Finish the seat covering by wrapping some tape around the nose of the seat. Also, you need to glue the second layer of carpet onto the first. Everyone. The motorcycle seats that come stock with new cycles are made to suit the look and price of the bike, rather than the needs of the rider, making "biker butt" a common topic of conversation in the motorcycle community. You are going to need the plywood to support the base but you might not get an accurate measurement using this material. If you just tried to tape widthwise with Gorilla, you just learned why I say don't use it for this. Plus, if someone actually has a missing seat, now they'll know what to do (and what not to do). How’d Tuffside come to be? LIW LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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