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The AoE Billposters use three Sets and three Main Weapons. Share. But either should be perfect choices. The AoE Knight is considered as one of the best, and definitely one of the easiest to control AoE Classes in Flyff. 8. Ultimate Lusaka's Heavy Axe STR:XXX STM:120 DEX:15 INT:15. Newbie. Wind will also kill any mobs nearby the currently selected target, so it is the best … Hamster. They are fighters and have a nice versability. Because of his tremendous HP and Defense, he can take up loads of mobs and won't die with proper gear. The first Set is Ales/Alext which adds 15% HP and the first weapon is the Guardian Knuckle which adds 15% HP and AtkSpeed. Well, Ringmasters are meant to be the Support-class of Flyff, that means they can buff and heal other people, but don't kill mobs on their own. 8. You can make do with NPC equips and possibly a +3 green axe. AoE ranger/crackshooter (attacking multiple enemies) (KbraD's favoritist class evooor) -Crackshooter (farming in Traseia) This is the happy medium between all STA knight/templar and the high damage rate of a elementor/archanist. June 2017 edited June 2017 in Game Guides & Tutorials. These skills are area of effect. One of the most sought after jobs in Flyff is the blade. Like with the Knighert set, going to be you're best choice unless you can get a Bloody Two Handed Axe. The best AOE Class? Otherwise, the Ranger is a great choice. Insanity Flyff ~ … FLOW ANIME BEST 極 ; Writers Kohshi Asakawa, Takeshi Asakawa ... flyff - Ranger AoE PvM tactics I - lv50 [guide] - Duration: 15:01. grinding wise in the history of mmorpgs its always the class with the biggest area of effect skills and crowdcontrol skills so by ranking ththe classes with the most and biggest aoe id rank: Arcanist being the best , Mentalist second and Seraph third The second Set is Billporon/Billist which adds 15% HP, 15% DEF and 15% Blocking Rate, and the second Weapon is the Angel Glove which adds 15% HP and 20% HitRate. FrozenCure 17,601 views. So which class is best for soloing, or is there one? A well-geared Hero Knight can get up to 60k HP without a Pet. Flyff Related Questions. Best Soloing Class? If you're AoE, get this. You will be going on this build just like the AoE … They can be both AoE and 1v1 and they can do both effectively. Share with: Link: Copy link. 8 posts Best Soloing Class? Rangers are Dex based aoers, so their damage stat and "tanking" stat are one and the same; dex. 2. I have a class guide for the Acrobats, but not the others yet. Bloody Two-hand Axe Two-handed weapon Attack: 420 ~ 429 Attack speed: Very Slow Added bonus: STR +10 HP +18% FP +10% Required Job: Knight Required Level: 120 Great stats, amazing if you're AoE. Best Blade Builds (3B) maklolen01. Thunder is a skill that reduces the target's phsyical defense for 4 seconds, and kills all mobs nearby. (Taken From Flyff Wiki) So here it is, the AoE Knight. I am here to tell you my experience with blades since my time in the past. Hamster. Their main ability in FlyFF is to be able to buff themselves. The AoE Knight is a very good AoE Class for Beginners. Builds BP builds divide in two parts: AoE builds and 1v1 builds. The AoE knight is a cheap character to fund. It's just more expensive to gear out the Ranger for dungeon runs (on Rhisis) than it is to gear out an AoE BP. This class relies on a high block rate, enough hp/defense to tank 30 or so mobs, and as much ATK as you can possibly get. All classes are good at solo'ing. 15:01. Just make it full Dex and hit run to level or 1v1 with it, whichever. Which is affordable for any level 60+ with a little merchanting. They partner with other players, who get their buffs and heal (or Holy Cross) and the Ringmaster gets a part of the exp. Flyff Forums > Town Square > General Discussion > Best Soloing Class? Wind slows the enemy down by 50% in movement speed for a WHOLE MINUTE on full int! A BillPoster is one of the second class you can choose when you get to level 60 as an Assist. Post Aug 21, 2005 #1 2005-08-21T15:46.

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