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When present, it specifies that a text area should be read-only. Definition and Usage. 1024 people think this answer is useful. Disable textarea resizing for Safari and Chrome. Try it Yourself » Definition and Usage. Is there something I can write in my CSS to disable it? A lightweight yet configurable textarea resize jQuery plugin that dynamically adjusts the visible height of textarea elements while typing. We offer free tutorials in all web development technologies. You can easily turn on and off textarea resize properties in a CSS3 style sheet and HTML5. The disabled attribute is a boolean attribute. Insert the auto-resize.js script after loading the latest jQuery library. ... How can I use CSS/HTML so that the textarea will be as large as it's content (no scrollbar). To disable resizable property of an element use resize to none. or in between element tags like so: textarea { resize: none; } ActionScript queries related to “how to disable textarea resize” html disable textarea resizing Textarea resize. Valid and invalid values of a Auto resizing. The Question Comments : The Answer 1. There may be times when you want to disable this function so a textarea cannot be resized. This is controlled by the resize CSS property — resizing is enabled by default, but you can explicitly disable it using a resize value of none: textarea { resize: none; } Styling valid and invalid values. disable Textarea resize in firefox - not website owner. How to use it: 1. I kept this chapter simple, short and easy so hopefully you will not get any problem in understanding this chapter. Save Your Code. It is mostly used with textarea and div elements. Plus (as long as you don’t disable it) the user is still provided a control to resize the