feeling weird after workout

Lately after exercising I get a lightheaded sensation. After the muscles have undergone an intense workout, biochemical changes take place as the muscle responds to the stress of exercised Lactic acid builds up in the fatigued muscle and formation of free radicals occur which believe can alter the excitability of muscle tissue. Most of the causes are not serious, but need timely evaluation to rule out a health problem if any. I know how you feel. I have had a history of PVCs and 2 years ago did a full cardio workup--stress test, echo, ECK, holter. If you’re feeling dizzy, take a minute to cool down, catch your breath, and slow your heart rate. Me too!!! You need fuel to recover. Right as he was saying that a shaking knee is a good way to injure your knee, I began to feel a weird feeling in that right knee after I finished the excercise. A post-workout snack with a balance of protein and healthy carbs can also help keep hunger levels in check throughout the day (here's a guide on what to eat after a cardio workout). You’re likely to have cravings for foods that have carbs which the body uses for energy. 5. Your blood pressure is normally at its lowest point about 30 to 60 minutes after exercise. So if you’re curious about the weird things you may feel during a workout, and why they happen, read on to see what the experts have to say. 1. The weirdest part is, this feeling is not what I would describe as pain. You exercise to get in shape and feel good. While many people feel tired after long duration of treadmill use, feeling dizzy, or having a strange feeling after getting off from treadmill may be … Feeling dizzy after a workout is sometimes a sign that a person has overexerted themselves, is dehydrated, or has low blood pressure. I feel sorta dizzy after working out too. It heals the ripped muscles and builds more of it. Consume lots of protein 20-30 minutes after wards, believe me, it helps. I've only done arm workouts to let it heal in the meantime. Try to eat no more than 30 minutes after exercising. Learn more about these and other causes in this article. Here are a few weird exercise symptoms you shouldn't ignore. Causes of strange feeling after getting off from treadmill: There are numerous reasons that may cause weird and strange feeling soon after treadmill workout session. After an exhaustive workout, it may be natural to feel energetic or enthusiastic after getting off from treadmill. Some of these conditions can cause severe, even fatal, complications if they are not remedied immediately. 38 male, good weight, have been exercising for years. Weird Lightheaded Spacey Feeling After Exercise JamesAA. And also rest as well, don't workout right before eating, or after you … benign fasciculations Benign fasciculations or muscle twitches after exercise is surprisingly common. So when you feel shaky during your Zumba … Your stomach could get cold. Feeling hungry right after a workout is a good sign. Lightheadedness and tingling in the face after exercise can be the sign of a serious underlying medical condition, including dehydration, low blood sugar, a cranial hemorrhage or a pinched nerve. Your body will use the calories (energy) right away to cool down, which means retaining less fat. Since then, it has not gotten better or worse.

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