trident on sun line

Thanks alot for taking time for me and doing so fast service. Line of Fame,Luck And Wealth-Sun Line Known As Apollo Line In … thank you. For Handreading , Sir Nitin's reading is the best one you could have.Apart from his readings , You can also have a chance to meet the one who has extraordinary character with helping , caring , kind and honest nature. Trident (Trishul) Sign on Sun Line Palmistry Fig-1: If there is a trident on Sun Line then person could get name, fame in his society and get wealth. This is remarkable. Most of ur prediction is accurate. Sun line begins from the upper part of the Mount of Moon and ends on the Mount of moon. I recommend his services, I am definitely looking into getting a reading! Thank You Astrology benefits are clearly written in the blog, Excellent blog. I also have a curiosity to know that if you teach this subject as well. but in Captured Photos Small lines & Some Symbols on Palm and Fingers Parwat Can't Captured by any Camera na ! fig-2 … Take care I am really overwhelmed by your work ethics. Mr nitin reply is prompt precise and satisfying .He is mater of his subject and recommend to all friends, Mr nitin is talented and precise .His very quick to reply and honest in his approach .I wish him good luck n recommend to all friends .Thanks osho, Pundit Nitin ji very helpful & very promising. Please advice if i need your advice in future then please let me know the ways and quetion charges. Good evening Amazingly close to perfection..Nitinkumarji's prompt response adds to the warmth of consulting him.God Bless Him. To check for more future advice. Kalyan Krishna. Great job and the best reading ever. Best wishes. Mount of Saturn (Shani Parvat), depression, leg, bone, and teeth. My life is going as per you described. Dear Sir Nitin Kumar You are such a professional and honest! Kapil. I hope you are feeling better and on your way to full recovery. astrologer today only for one question charge around 4-5 thousand some charge 11000 as thier consultation fee , I visited all but none like u so thank u very much .i will remain in contact with u. Nitin ji believe it or not ur 1000% right every thing u said is right. You are the best!! Thank you. Mere baad maine mera ma ka bhi report banaya,bahut chize mil gayi,kuch wipattio ka sanket bhi pahle sei aa gaya,mai khush hu jaldi service sei aur sir ko dhero subh kamnaye. Mounts and disease Mount of Jupiter (Guru Parvat), lungs, liver, and throat. bindula bishnoi, Dear sir, I am very thankful to you for the quick response. Uday. It's so grateful. Last time you have done palm reading for my husband it was so correct and thanks for the remedies which u have given. Your knowledge to accurately predict from palm is very very noteworthy. I just wish you the very best wishes for a full recovery. This will help me to give you more services. To my surprise, after reading Palm reading report I was totally shocked. Found wild in the Mediterranean to Norway in spring and summer, sea bass is a prize catch when line-caught. In general, the longer, the better in respect of the Apollo Line. fig-1, If there is a sign of Gopuch on Sun line or many branches going upwards from Sun Line then it indicates unsuccessful career or bad luck. I will send mine, later today. so my Request is You will visit all States Citys & Towns for few days. You were so correct. - Joel L from Philippines. Nitin Sir is one of the genuine person I found in my life. One deep and straight line - Wealth or fame, or both. Every decision i take has negative outcomes all the time. I wish you many years of prosperity, happiness and success in your life!!!!!!!!!! Dear Nitin Kumar, Forked at the termination into a pointed trident, starting above the Line of Heart - Fame, riches, all due to personal merit. Do You Have Trident Sign Or Trishul Sign On Your Hands?-Palmistry Thank you so much! I am really very touched by this gesture. Thank you for the comprehensive reading and suggestions for the rings. Thanks Nitin. A very accurate, quick and prompt service. Went thru the e book on Combination of deaths . I surfed in the internet of various palmists to get the correct info.I came to see nitins website and got impressed a lot for the range of information he have.I have contacted him ,he was quick and very honest.he gave me the palm report.his predictions are always true.he told me in june 2014 that there are chances of abroad travel soon,yes it came true in dec 2015 un expectedly. I am thus forwarding my palm prints so that i am able to get your opinion. I am going to ask ( Insallah ) when I have questions / need your clarifications/ insights. I found Nitin online when I was looking for a good palmist who can read palm accurately. Also important for the reading are the mounts on the palm: the mount of Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Moon, and … ----Varun Shrishrimal, So so so much thanks. Thank you so much Guruji and may God give you many more chances to improve people’s life. Narrow, deep and straight and terminating up the Mount of the Sun, uncrossed in both hands - Success. I would recommend the readers to explore and interact with Nitin Kumar to know your past and future trends!! Dear Sir, Most of the readings are very accurate. aapki prediction sahi h.avdhesh upadhyay, Dhanyawad. View Details. These individuals are emotionally, mentally and physically very strong and stable when compared to the rest. I took my reading in 2014. awesum nitin ji, Click on the image to see predictions. Trident Lobster Squeeze Bag $ 66.95. Thanks. You are mentally very strong and have a good health as indicated by the prominent Mount of Venus and the good lifeline and your life must have taken a change for the better at about the age of 35 having gone abroad and settled down there and doing quite well. Thanks from Singapore! Have met several palmists & astrologers over the years, as am attracted to occult sciences. What does it mean to have a trident on a sun line in palmistry? The report clearly narrated a well painted picture of my life. It really helps alot. His an extremely accurate and I would highly recommend him as a person and a palmist. You had done a Palm reading for me 2 years back. And your attitude will encourage me to recommend you more Again thank you very much. Swarnalatha, nitin g's palm reading is very insightful , detailed and precise . You r god person for me... Thanku for your reading . T.H. Two or three branches rising from the Line, hut irregular. TTL, Thank you so much for the immediate response Nitin Ji :) Your report is very clear and to the point. OK Thank you again for your replies and noted on your guidance. Dear Nitinji, Nitin is the only one my trusted palmist. This is one of the most descriptive reading I have ever had and 95% accurate. I think that he has been knowing me for many years and even better than myself. This shows from price he is charging, which is way too cheap for the knowledge he tells us about ourselves. Most of the reading eventhough generally told but comes true at that time. Sincerely If you are from India then you need to pay 600 rupees (you will get report in 10 days) but if you want to get report in one day/24 hours then you need to pay 1100 rupees. By 1960, de Havilland had been acquired by Hawker Siddeley. We were very impressed at your interpretation. Dunno how to express my feelings, but I'm so grateful.. You are the best, kindest, and benevolent palmist I have ever known! The things you discuss are more likely accurate, especially the thing which you mention about occult science. If you live abroad and want a genuine report- this is. Wish to meet you one day to thank I will take care of it & also require ur guidance time to time. Remember years ago you read my palmistry .. 2 thinks come true I really like to do again and lest see what my fortune bring now coz something change in my life very big time can you do for me ? Dear Nitin, Article by dimpi kaleka. Thanks a lot We will definitely contact you in case we need any such guidance in future. It's so named because it originates from the Mount of Moon (located on the base of the palm, little finger side) and descends upward to the Mount of Sun (located below the ring finger which is … I have got a job in chennai.!! With most kind regards, Very powerful mantra. Thank you so much. These individuals are emotionally, mentally and physically very strong and stable when compared to … Line goes towards Mercury Mount from head line, Secondary fate line starts from lifeline ends on Mount of Saturn, Branch of headline ends on Mount of Mercury. Anything you can say about the children's general wellbeing from my palms? I received the report for my brother Varun Sehra and its 99% accurate... All the past events were very well predicted. I have consulted many astrologers and palmist but none of them were able to come close to even 1 percent of my life events . I do understand there was a delay due to health reasons, and for that, I have no problem. Thanxx again u r best palmist as well as a good human being I will pray to god that whatever you want in life, you get it. Btw, I want to pay by Western Union. With parliament voting today on wheth… My fascination and curiosity lead me to find you. | Which Hand To Read | Palmistry, हथेली पर ग्रहों के स्थान - हस्तरेखा | Mounts On Hand Palmistry, Bhrispati Parvat (Guru Parvat) - Hast Rekha Shastra, Mayur Chinha Hindu Palmistry (Peacock Sign In Palmistry), लचकदार अंगूठा हस्तरेखा ( Supple Thumb Palmistry ), दाँतो में दर्द हस्तरेखा | Teeth Pain Indications On Hand, हस्तरेखा में घमण्डी व्यक्ति का हाथ | Egoist Person, सूर्य रेखा को काटती हुई विवाह रेखा - HASTREKHA VIGAN, Fingers | Nails | Thumb | Hastrekha | Astrology | Palmistry, औरत और आदमी के हाथो के कितने प्रकार होते है हस्तरेखा, सूर्य पर्वत और सूर्य रेखा से कौन सी बीमारी होती है | Surya Rekha Hast Rekha, राजयोग वाला हाथ हस्तरेखा (Rajyog Hastrekha), हाथ की रेखा पर त्रिशूल (Trisul) होना - हस्त रेखा, मध्य कोण और निचला कोण | Hastrekha Vigyan In Hindi, मंगल का बड़ा त्रिकोण तथा चतुष्कोण एवं उसके फल | Hastrekha Shastra, Konse Grah Ki Ungli Konsi Hoti Hai | Hastrekha, जीवन रेखा से ऊपर उठती हुई रेखा और नीचे गिरती हुई रेखा - हस्तरेखा शास्त्र, भाग्य रेखा से शाखा निकल कर शुक्र पर्वत पर जाना | हस्तरेखा, हस्त-रेखा-विज्ञान मणिबन्ध से प्रारम्भ होने वाली यात्रा-रेखाएँ | Yatra Rekha Manibandh Se Shuru Hona, दमा व श्वास रोग | Asthma Rog Hastrekha Shastra, लहरदार मस्तक रेखा | Lahardar Mastak Rekha, मस्तिष्क रेखा के अन्त में द्वीप होना | Mastak Rekha Par Island Hona, शुक्र पर्वत पर रेखाए | Shukra Parvat Hastrekha Vigyan, हृदय रेखा से शुरु होने वाली सूर्य रेखा | Hridya Rekha Se Surya Rekha Ka Shuru Hona, हाथ के पर्वत और उन पर पाई जाने वाली बीमारीया | Parvat Aur Bimariya Hastrekha, मस्तक रेखा का निकास बृहस्पति पर्वत से होना | Mastak Rekha, Hatheli Mein Ang (Body Parts) Ki Isthiti (Position) Aur Rog, स्वास्थ्य-रेखा से भाग्योदय विचार । Swasthaya Rekha Se Bhagyoday Vichar Hastrekha Gyan, बृहत् त्रिकोण में विविध चिह्न और उनका फल हस्त-रेखा-विज्ञान | Signs On Great Triangle Palmistry, तर्जनी पर चिह्न हस्तरेखा | Signs On Index Finger Palmistry, शीर्ष रेखा (मस्तक रेखा ) तथा हृदय-रेखा में अन्तर | Gap Between Head Line & Heart Line Palmistry, हाथ में प्राण रेखा (Pran Rekha) | हस्तरेखा, शुक्र-क्षेत्र पर क्रॉस होना | Cross On Mount Of Venus, चन्द्र-क्षेत्र पर क्रॉस होना | Cross On Mount Of Moon, मंगल के क्षेत्र पर क्रॉस होना | Cross On Mount Of Mars, बुध-क्षेत्र पर क्रॉस चिह्न | Cross On Mount Of Mercury, शनि के क्षेत्र पर क्रॉस होना | Cross On Mount Of Saturn, वासना रेखा | सुमन रेखा | Vasana Rekha | Hastrekha, सितारा (Star) हस्तरेखा विज्ञान | Indian Palmistry, अँगुलियों के बीच खाली स्थान | Ungliyo Ke Beech Khali Isthan Hastrekha, अनामिका अँगुली (Ring Finger) सूर्य की अँगुली । Sun Finger Palmistry, Palmistry Mein Love Marraige Hone Ke Indications Kaun Kaun Se Hote Hai, हाथ में मुड़ी हुई जीवन रेखा - हस्तरेखा (Twisted Life Line Palmistry), Officer Banane Ki Rekhaye Female Ke Hath Me, Ulta Aur Seedha Trishul Surya Rekha Par Hona Hast Rekha Gyan, जीवन रेखा से छोटी छोटी उर्ध्व भाग्य रेखा निकलना - HASTREKHA VIGAN, Bhagya Rekha (Fate Line) In Hindi | Hast Rekha, विभिन्न प्रकार के चिन्ह (Different Types Of Sings On Hand Palmistry), सूर्य रेखा ( Surya Rekha/Sun Line ) | Hast Rekha Gyan, छोटा हाथ होने का मतलब क्या होता है - हस्तरेखा विज्ञान, मिश्रित हाथ होने का मतलब क्या होता है - हस्तरेखा विज्ञान, Guru Parvat Par Kala Til Hona | Hastrekha Shastra, Chotti Vivah Rekha | Lambi Vivah Rekha Hast Rekha Gyan, Shadi Ki Date Aur Age Nikalne Ka Astrology Palmistry Method, हस्तरेखा विज्ञान से सूर्य रेखा की सम्पूर्ण जानकारी प्राप्त करें, त्रिभुज सूर्य पर्वत पर होना | Triangle Surya Parvat Par Hona | On Mount Of Sun, त्रिभुज शनि पर्वत पर होना | Triangle Shani Parvat Par Hona | Triangle On Mount Of Saturn, क्रॉस चिन्ह सूर्य पर्वत पर होना | Cross On Mount Of Sun Palmistry, क्रॉस चिन्ह बुध पर्वत पर होना | Cross On Mount Of Mercury Palmistry, हस्तरेखा शास्त्र में 5वी तरह की भाग्य रेखा | Bhagya Rekha Jyotish Hast Rekha Shastra, हस्तरेखा शास्त्र में 10वी तरह की भाग्य रेखा | Bhagya Rekha Jyotish Hast Rekha Shastra, हस्तरेखा शास्त्र में 8वी तरह की भाग्य रेखा | Bhagya Rekha Jyotish Hast Rekha Shastra, क्रॉस या धन चिन्ह गुरु पर्वत पर होना | Cross On Mount Of Jupiter In Hindi, क्रॉस या धन चिन्ह शनि पर्वत पर होना | Cross On Mount Of Saturn In Hindi, हस्तरेखा ज्ञान हिंदी में चित्रों के साथ सींखो | Hastrekha Gyan, Guru Parvat Par Trishul Hona | Hastrekha Shastra, Pati Aur Patni Mein Ladai Hona | Vivah Rekha, Shadi Nahi Hona? Thanks kahana ab chota pad raha hai Thankyouuu Nitin With Best Regards He charge only a very cheap price too. I'm very satisfied of your reading, because it's all true...I'm really feeling amazed, but somehow I feel also worried about chances of deprivation of credit and false allegation. Sun line begins from the upper part of the Mount of Moon and ends on the Mount of moon. fig-1 Fig-2 If there is a sign of Gopuch on Sun line or many branches going upwards from Sun Line then it indicates unsuccessful career or bad luck. I also hope very much that even your statement my financial situation regarding Thanks Nitin. with Regards Sun line is very important on a palm, that should be observed carefully on the hand, as it explores a lot about any individuals' life and success. propositional. Yanni. Best of Luck. ishwar apko aur tarakki de. Will definitely recommend to others on the web. A trident on the palm is a very lucky marking. Till my retirement I don't want any chage of place . Aap ki remedy kamal ki this sir, 8 yr se pandito ke paas ghum raha tha,aap mujhe insaan me god mil gaye.... Once more, thanks I hope your health will get better. By observing the palm images we can say your life longevity, health status, personal life, married life, about foreign chances, financial status, money earnings, education, social life, business prospects, good and bad signs on palms, family relationship, children issues, love-relationship, future predictions, any other questions you asked. As I follow Buddhism, I do Vipassana meditation. Thanks i cant believe.i will highly recommend to others for nitinji palmistry who very genuine and satisfactory result and also very good person. I'll highly recommend Nitin ji's services as my own personal experience is extremely satisfied. I visit your site regularly. But with Sir Nitin Kumar, when I demanded if I could ask him more, he replied that just ask. Fig-1 If there is a trident on Sun Line then person could get name, fame in his society and get wealth. Thank you! Means: Hindrances or problems due to which you are not able to express your artistic or other positive talents. Indian Palmistry Blog (Hast Rekha Gyan/हस्तरेखा ज्ञान) is a free palmistry blog to learn palmistry in Hindi and English. Eye issue, arthritis, fever, allergy and heart troubles. fulfilled and I can go away from here. I do not believe in palm reading then. 80 to 90 % report perfect h. I have a lot more clarity now on what my next steps should be. Good insights and am surprised at accuracy of most areas of the report. Love , Thanks so much for motivational support & guidance (Irritated by failure & being alone forced to go for 2nd time palm reading) . But its very sad to know that, I unable to do business until 40. Your prediction of the timing of emotional set back was so accurate (4 month - almost 2 years since we separated. knowledge si.Thanking you.Warm 4. I greatly appreciate it. I found it to be very accurate and useful. (Fig 11) Fig 13. Maximum you said is correct. I started following his solutions given to me and I believe one must consult him for a brighter future. Awesome prediction! And I am really amazed by your knowledge of Quran as I was not expecting that you ill suggest me something from Quran. Overall, it has been a great experience! Aap ne life me vo dilva diya jiski mujhe bahut jayda need thi ..... Larissa M.A.B. he is a man of his words and will finish your reading at the given time. Sun line between head line and heart line indicates luck between teenage and late 30s. Hi sir interested in palm reading Your prediction of higher education is also right, i am pursuing phd in my discipline. He replies me very quickly, and generously gave his answers to all my questions even after the palm reading report. I just read the report. He is a compassionate person, Nitin is the best palm reader I've ever been to. zach fillmore. Trident Dive Bag for 13cf. susan. Nitin kumar sir, i am uday, what you said about my life are all coming true. His fees also very cheap. 2. No comments: Post a Comment "Type your comment and select anonymous and press … Roshni. It always increases the qualities of the lines or mounts it appears on. My wife is your fan and this email when she read she became so happy about authenticity and so honest in today’s world. You will get " Marvelous" , " Wonderful" and the BEST ONE. He gives very good guidance..... People often thinks that we can change our life by palmistry and astrology, but the truth is your life can only be change by counseling from a professional palmist and astrologist, and thats what nitin ji is. Padmapriya V. Sadasivan from Kerala : Sir, went thru the e book on marriage, divorce , timing of marriage . Have a great day. Most of the things you mentioned are accurate. I like to thank you for the trouble that you have taken to prepare the report. I shall try to follow your instructions in future. I can email transfer some money regards!Shweta Thank you so much. Well most of the things you said are true i mean my nature, i have phobias, think too much cannot focus.. I have no words to express how grateful I am!!!!!!!!!! Fish Sign (machli chinha/magarmach chinha) Signifies success in abroad and increase in wealth and prestige. Thanks heaps Nitin for all your advise regarding my career and love life. I The art the palmistry can help you explore lots about anyone's life! Again Thank You Sir. Thanks Pema Gurung, Thank you for a the reading Nitin Ji. palmistry fascinates me. Point blank 100% accurate. Sidhartha, Thank you verymuch for your guidance and advise Trident At The End Of The Head Line. I appreciate your knowledge and timeliness and Look forward to taking more advice in the future. Thank you so much Sir. I don't talk to most of them because they're untrustworthy. Vivah Rekha Hastrekha Gyan, Island On Head Line Under Mount Of Saturn Palmistry In Hindi, हस्तरेखा शास्त्र में प्रथम (1st) तरह की भाग्य रेखा | Bhagya Rekha Jyotish Hast Rekha Shastra, हस्तरेखा शास्त्र में द्वितीय (2nd) तरह की भाग्य रेखा | Bhagya Rekha Jyotish Hast Rekha Shastra, हस्तरेखा शास्त्र में चौथी (4th) तरह की भाग्य रेखा | Bhagya Rekha Jyotish Hast Rekha Shastra, जीवन रेखा के साथ कुठार रेखा का महत्त्व - हस्तरेखा, Sign Of Broken Engagement (Sagaai Ka Tootna) In Palmistry, Suicide In Family Or Suicide Of Close Relative Palmistry, हाथ के पीछे का हिस्सा और सामुद्रिक शास्त्र, सूर्य रेखा अच्छी है बुरी है को कैसे मालूम करें - हस्तरेखा, हाथ में जंजीरदार मस्तक रेखा होना | Hast Rekha, हथेली में गुरु या वृहस्पति (Jupiter) क्षेत्र - Hastrekha Shastra, Best Palmistry Book In Hindi | हस्तरेखा पर लिखी गई पुस्तके पढे, दोषयुक्त स्वास्थ्य रेखा - HASTREKHA VIGAN, सूर्य क्षेत्र के नीचे टूटी हुई हृदय रेखा | Hast Rekha Gyan, मस्तक रेखा से गहरी रेखाए भाग्य रेखा को काटती हुई | Hast Rekha Gyan, रवि रेखा या सूर्य रेखा पर काला बिंदु | Hast Rekha Gyan, सूर्य रेखा का महत्व और धन | Surya Rekha Ka Mahatva Aur Dhan | Hast Rekha, मोटी जीवन रेखा का अर्थ | Thick Life Line On Hand, हाथ में देर से आरम्भ होने वाली जीवन रेखा का अर्थ | Life Line Starts Late Hast Rekha, शुक्रवलय (VENUS OF GIRDLE) - HASTREKHA VIGAN, छोटी आयु रेखा और भ्रम (Short Lifeline) | HASTREKHA, Putra Aur Santan Prapti Ke Rekha | Hast Rekha, Hath Mein Videsh Mein Naukri Karne Ke Yog Hastrekha Gyan, मंगल रेखा | Mangal Rekha Jeevan Rekha Se Shuru Ho Kar Shukar Par Jati Hui, Vyapar Aur Vasiyat Se Dhan Prapti - Hast Rekha Shastra, हाथ में पर्वतो का नीचा (दबा) और उठा होना - हस्त रेखा, Hath Mein Dushman Se Khatra Aur Dushman Par Vijay Ke Yog - Hast Rekha Shastra, Sarkari Naukari Lagegi Ya Nahi ? Naina Sehra. Hi I had just gotten a palm reading from you, thanks for it it was very accurate so far. I wanted to see if what these other palmists and witchcraft women were true about me and my family. Thanks very much for your mail. Indian Palmistry Palm Reading Secrets Revealed Trident Line Astrology Triangle How To Apply Learning. Just outstanding and excellent books . Pravin Kumar. ab main Gold aur silver ring banake aapko message karunga pehanane ki vidhi ke baare mein. Thank you so much for your quick and honest service. My heartly thanks to Mr Nitin for palm reading and his quick response. sir Lately ,i am writing this message to you to say thanks alot for reading my palm. Hello sir, He really helped me and I was touched by his honesty. Thanks a lot for the reading.

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