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Idaho: Bowfishing Giant Idaho Carp Part 2, Idaho: Bowfishing Giant Idaho Carp Part 1. Awesome Crappie Fishing!! Saltwater Inshore Fishing, “Thump Therapy” Crappie fishing group January giveaway, Best knot for tying Braid To Fluorocarbon – BMP Fishing, Coffeen Lake New Year Brings Changes At The Lake, Best Baits &Products From The Let’s Go Fishing Show How Does An RTD Work, BEST BAIT COMBO for Pier Fishing! This especially came in handy on our way back to our vehicles after nearly 10 hours of wade fishing. A dog that throws her own sticks to catch! Sebastian Florida. Day One on the Pacific Crest Trail- Seiad Valley, My TOP USB Rechargeable Gear for RV Living, You Can Walk Out On It! Cameron has a nice set of Boga grips that were perfect for handling the catch. 16, Missouri: Be Bear Aware – Nature’s Calling (June 2018), Missouri: Nature’s Calling – Bowfishing, Frogging, Collared Lizards (July 2018), Missouri: Asian Carp – Filleting & Cooking Recipes, Teddy Roosevelt’s Big Stick and Armies of Toy Soldiers. RV CLEANING HACK: How to clean your FAN SCREENS EASY! Saving Fish from Trap, Alabama State Parks – Your Base Camp for Adventure, Fishing tackle STARTER Kit: Budget fishing tackle, Caring for Your Hiking Gear When the Trip is Over, Conservation Officer Alligator Training Program, Nature’s Calling Video Magazine – Deer Antlers, Poison Ivy, and Armadillos, Shots fired at national park after alleged Bigfoot sighting, Summer Spotlight – Big Elk Floats and Camping, Pineville, Mo, 2020 T@B 320 Boondock Edge by NuCamp Walk Through, How to SAVE Gut Hooked BASS / Hook Removal, Discover Nature: Prairie Blazing Star Blooms. - The #1 source in all of muskie fishing. SLAYING the BLUE GILLS Hardwater Action! Catch and Cook Guava Grilled Goatfish and Lizardfish, BLACKLOCK SKILLET CHALLENGE SMOOTH VS STOCK ROUND 2. The construction of this reservoir left most of the timber standing. Washington: Crawford State Park Heritage Site – Gardner Cave, Washington: Columbia Plateau State Park Trail, Wild By Nature 2018 (Tennessee’s Weekend for Wildlife), KY AFIELD: July 14th, 2018 Full Show – Night Fishing Cumberland, Fishing Derby, Metal Madness, Roadside Giants, Castles, Pied Piper, & Old Radios, Alabama: Outdoor Alabama Photo Contest Now Open, Alabama: Recreational Red Snapper Season Closes July 22, Louisiana Red Snapper Landing Estimates Through July 1, September Two-For-One Camping Deal Offered at Kentucky State Park Campgrounds, MY RV LIFE! Cameron has an assortment – large assortment – of musky lures. While Cameron and I are not in the business of handing out the absolute location of where he caught the musky, we are always willing to help. These are good ambush points for musky, and will be your best chance of getting one. You’ll have a couple less fingers if you do. PCT Hike: SNOW, Abandoned Cabin, and Oregon Border!!! EDC & Survival Shopping at Bass Pro Shop! Look for laydowns and timber structure where musky like to hide as ambush spots. Senko Skipper shows you Pier Fishing: Simple fishing rig catches HUGE FISH! Trust me, you don’t want to lip these things like a smallmouth bass. Just email us a link to your youtube videos with a description of the story, or attach pictures to your story and send an email to That said, we are trying to determine the best lakes for fishing in Kentucky, so we are going to rule out streams, creeks, and rivers. Please check out Cameron’s YouTube Channel and continue to support Kentucky Outdoors Media. Storyland New Orleans – New Interactive Attractions! Route 66 with the Carpetbagger – Day 4 Holbrook AZ. These two creeks can be waded for musky. ... and from a fishing standpoint, when that river gets up … I believe that musky fishing in SW OH is really just catching on & the Caesar Creek program started right place, right time. 3 Star Fatty Day! What?$$!!??? COOKING WORMS the Safe DELICIOUS and Organic Way! 5, Bugs and Butterflies during the Texas Pollinator BioBlitz, Brake Trouble, Columbia Glacier Calving & Prince William Sound Cruise, Fishing for Kokanee Salmon with Jared Scott Outdoors, FREE Camping on Lake Pend Oreille Campsite Review, Visiting The Highest Point On The Appalachian Trail, Sturgis! Nature’s Calling June 2019 Be Bear Aware! Nebraska: Glamping Cabins at Platte River State Park – Virtual Tour. This was the deepest water of the day, with a depth of at least 8-10 feet. One month of Testing, Photos and Videos. When wading, while you may find some smallmouth bass or some sunfish in the shallow water, your musky are going to be in deeper holes that are not wadeable. Shortly after, we decided to head back downstream toward our vehicles. Kicked out of my camping spot, three officers at the door and a new free spot! Want to share your story? Thinkin Salt Water is the answer for winter blues! Storm 360GT Largo Shad | Lure Review with Underwater Footage! Very cool video! If you have a big tree that is lying in a deep hole of water, you may have found a nice musky home. Your arms tire quickly after several casts, and it’s a long way to 10,000. Fishing Access on N. Fork Licking River, Coley Branch, and Okley Cave Branch in Daniel Boone NF, KY. 0 • PLACE. TOMSHOO Budget Gasifier Wood Stove – Review. Thanks for stopping by Pocket Knife, Channel Update – Early Summer 2018 (The Art of Prepping), Free Camping Near Mt Hood – Trillium Lake Airstrip – Campground Review. Around Cave Run lake, you can hit the creeks and be just as successful. It is simply fantastic. Welcome Madfish Charters to! Does anybody know if there are any more? MDC HOSTS FAMILY DAY WITH SPECIAL FREE ACTIVITIES AT ROCKWOODS RESERVATION AUG. 11, Wild Game Cooking with Gourmet Gone Wild in Michigan, Organizing a 26 ft RV – 2016 Forest River Grey Wolf 26DBH Travel Trailer – Full Time RVing Family, Big Time Texas Hunts: Exotic Safari – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official], Kentucky: Bass Fishing Nolin with Crawfish. with Tiki, RV Organizational Genius, SOA CLASSIC Yukon Dall Sheep Hunting, Boyer No 2, SOA CLASSIC Yukon Dall Sheep Hunting, Boyer No 1, River Trail Discoveries, Privacy, & Strange 3AM Activity. It is truly his passion. The Top 3 Beach Fishing Methods to Catch Fish on ANY beach! Locals win Crappie Tournament at Carlyle Lake. Saltwater Bridge Fishing in Florida, Amazing Rig for Catching Fish! Banner ads and sidebar ads available on over 1200 pages of our site! Posts: 26: Is the Licking River fishable by jon boat from Cave Run Dam to the Ohio river? Snake Hunting in Oklahoma, Nature’s Calling Conservation Show With Crappie, Snakes, Elk Hunting, Fire Starting for camping and hiking – What to Carry and Why, Offshore Fishing For The Best Eating Fish, Spring Crappie Fishing After 60 Degree Temp Drop, All About Groundhogs, Skunks, and Mountain Lions, Deep Sea Fishing for Marlin, Mahi and Blackfin, Snake Hunting Adventure in Central Georgia, South Dakota Road Trip with all the Attractions, Exploring An Ancient Underground Lava Tube in Hawaii. Cave Run Lake in Eastern Kentucky has long been known as the musky capital of the south. | Lake Poinsett, SD Area (2019), Smoked Crappie? Aliens, Sasquatch, Mermaids and Sea Monsters! 5 Uses with Stubby Hammers from The Art of Prepping. Casting Bait Tutorial / How To Cast Bait /, Product Review Plusinno Fishing Line Spooler, Simple Tips To Not Break Your Fishing Line, He Caught a Pig On a TOUGH day! Utah: Dispersed RV Camping on a Beach w/a National Park Pass, 6 SPOTS TO FIND RV WATER! Survival Camping in National Forest for 72 Hours – Day 1, Aerators into Andy Adams Reservoir in Utah, Research cameras capture grizzly bear sow and cubs, Kid Scientists at Mesquite Wildlife Oasis, What You ‘Ott’ To Do, According to Bassmaster Classic Champ, Ott Defoe, July 13, 2019 Full Show – Farm Pond Management, Crawfish as Bait, The Rollover Boat. We will feature it on our site!! Now, the biggest question I have been asked since posting about my trip with Cameron has been “Where were you guys fishing?” To be honest, I’m not quite sure. Maine: Electrofishing At Night Reveals Secrets About Bass Populations, Nebraska: Oglala Lakota storyteller featured at Ponca State Park event, Missouri: Crowder State Park invites public to Creatures of the Night Hike July 7, Missouri: Echo Bluff State Park hosts Mid-Night Madness astronomy program July 7, Wisconsin’s First Managed Elk Hunt – Off the Record Podcast Ep. Topwater Bass Fishing the Everglades Holiday Park Grass Flats, CAPE NATURE CENTER ANNOUNCES MARCH PROGRAMS, Pan Seared Steak, Butter Basted in a Cast Iron Pan, Double Digit Bass Fishing Trip, February Heats Up. Creepy Shipwreck, Flintstones, Deception Pass Cliffs & More! These tailwaters are not as popular as those of Cave Run Lake or Green River Lake, but they are a good option for those in Southeastern Kentucky who would like to chase musky. 6, Reading the Landscape to Improve Your Hunt, Wisconsin Public Lands – Wild Wisconsin 2018: Ep. NO MORE TANGLED LINE!!! The weight of the lure was 2-3 ounces, and has been a solid musky-lander to those who have used them. This is a rich source of knowledge, tips, reviews and how to articles and videos. Deer, Elk and Big Winter Smallmouth Fishing! by Creativity Rv, Dutch Ovens 101 by the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission. GREAT introductory rates, contact: Melissa Miller-Atchley – Ad Sales Manager  at (314) 302-2116 Or email at ! NOW is the time to CAMP FREE IN…, How & What We Store In Our Truck Bed For Full-time RV Living, Wisconsin Hookups, Sharing PS4 Profile & CATNIP, Girl Goes After a Big Buck in Kansas – First Deer Ever, ODFW press conference Fatal cougar attack, How to Fish for Delta Clearwater River Coho Salmon, Alaska Deepwater Release of a Yelloweye Rockfish, Alaska Deepwater Release Tips For Silvergray Rockfish, Firearm and Treestand Safety – Wild Wisconsin 2018. Muskie fishing with River Rat Guide Service, Betty Perry, and medicinal plants of Kentucky are featured. 45 Degree Kayak Fishing! Electrofishing for Musky for Stocking in Kentucky with KYAfield and! I admit that I am a bass angler. It was one of the best fishing trips I had this year, and I was already excited to get started in planning our next one. Before we get into gear that is needed, let’s talk about places you can go around Kentucky to go musky hunting. 1; Details; Find more fishing reports in Kentucky. The Licking River is a tributary to the Ohio River, and, as mentioned above, was dammed to create Cave Run. It was a good sized smallmouth for the creeks, and I was thrilled to start the day off right. Big Island Catch and Cook – Shore Fishing For Ta’ape, Fall Transition Has Been GREAT! Braided fishing line offers more protection than monofilament, but a muskellunge’s teeth can still slice through it. With his ingenuity, Cameron cut some small sections of pool noodle and fixed them around the hoop of the net to make it float. If you want to go musky hunting, I suggest you buy a pair of Boga’s or something similar. 3 Scary Stories & 4 Tips! Elk, Moose, & Caribou Triple Combo No. Catching crappie on Logan Martin in Alabama, Spotlight on Bass River Resort Steelville MO, Trumpeter Swans are back in MO for their winter visit, 2019 Alabama Waterfowl Stamp Art Contest Now Open. The 8,700-acre reservoir is often called "the Muskie Capital of the South," due to its outstanding muskellunge fishery. CRAZY PIER FISHING ACTION USING GOTCHA LURES! The Muskingum River (Shawnee: Wakatamothiipi) is a tributary of the Ohio River, approximately 111 miles (179 km) long, in southeastern Ohio in the United States.An important commercial route in the 19th century, it flows generally southward through the eastern hill country of Ohio. I met him early one Friday morning at Crash’s Landing in Morehead. Muskies are present in the Green, Licking, and Kentucky River basins, in reservoirs and some streams. But, once again, be prepared for quite a bit of work when you are casting and reeling a lure of this size. 26, FREE FALL CAMPING! I have caught lm, sm, kys, redeye, perch, whitebass, sauger, crappie, bluegill, drum, channels, flatheads, blues, carp, gar, and a 30" musky within a half mile of our property. I like to fish for largemouth, smallmouth, and Kentucky bass. York’s Wild Kingdom and Fun O Rama in Maine, Operating the new Dometic RV Refrigerators, FISHING in ABANDONED SWIMMING POOL! 4, Field Dressing and New Rules in Wisconsin, Managing Your Land for Wildlife in Wisconsin, What It Means to Be a Wisconsin Deer Hunter, KYAfield Fishing Report – September 13, 2018, Fanthorp Inn State Historic Site – Texas Parks & Wildlife, Alabama Opening-Day Dove Hunt Focuses on Youth, Winter RV Gear Needed When Full Time RVing, DIGITAL NOMAD JOBS for DOG LOVERS Make Money on the Road, Bass Hunter Bass Baby 8 Foot Pond Boat Review, Tennessee Strategic Deer Management Plan Overview, Tennessee WildCast 99 Fish Regulation Proposals 2019 2020, Wisconsin Archery and Crossbow Seasons Preview September 2018, How To Fillet A Trout – Easy Instructions, KYAfield Fall Hunting Call-in Show – September 8, 2018, Indiana Deer Reduction Zone Corridors Explained, Free Camping in the Olympic National Forest – Beaver Lake Campsite Review, Mother Nature Doesn’t Care – Marymere Falls, Vampires, & Cape Flattery, Run your CPAP without Shore Power OR a Generator, I Meet Mama Grizzly & Cub on a Solo Hike in Denali National Park, Visiting The Pirate Museum and Lighthouse in St Augustine FL, Christmas Story Tour Cleveland Ohio Nomadic Fanatic, Duckin Deers – Where to Aim on Big Whitetail Deer. While musky may be one of the most difficult fish to hook, it is also incredibly inconvenient to carry all of that heavy duty gear while wading. The 8,270-acre reservoir was created by damming the Licking River and reaches into Bath, Rowan, Menifee and Morgan counties. anyone tell me where is a good place to try on the river and also what are all the species in the river . North Fork Fishing Access. RV MAINTENANCE: OIL CHANGE, TRUCK STOP WASH AND BATTERY CHECK! DevinDFishing joins the 724 Outdoors team! HOW I MAKE A LIVING AS A NOMAD & BONUS: how to bake on your propane stovetop! A Two Story Champagne Glass Hot Tub! Top 5 AZ Fishing and Camping Spots for this August! It is best to fish the drop-offs and open water adjacent to musky spawning sites. Early in […], Written by Mike Collins On a cool September morning, long-time whitetail deer hunter Phil Cody climbs up that ‘ole’ white oak tree in his favorite tree stand location. North Fork Licking River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. When I first saw Cameron’s YouTube videos, I knew that I had to somehow reach out to him and convince him that he should take me musky fishing. After a dozen or so casts, just as long and just as accurate as the first, Cameron decided we needed to make our way farther up the creek. Having caught his 75th musky or so, Cameron handed his rod and reel off to me in hopes that I could reel in my first. Part of the Green River also flows into the Barren River, which is the tailwater for Barren River Lake. After several photos, Cameron was ready to let the girl go in hopes she would grow larger and be there next year when he came back to fish that spot. If you do land the fish, in addition to a giant net, you’re going to need a good set of grips to handle the fish. BIG Holiday Fishing GIVEAWAY! Winter Camping Overnight Adventure in 10 Degree Cold, Late Breaking News – Elk Illegally Shot in MO, Fishing Report Kentucky State Week of Nov. 21st, Kelty One Man Military Field Tent Set Up and Impressions, 2020 Hurricane 29M 30′ motor home walk through, The RUT is ON and so are the BLACK FRIDAY DEALS, Nolin River Lake Wildlife Management Area, Caloma Montana Ghost Town Live Investigation, Smoked Chicken & Dumplings Dutch Oven Cooking, Rookie mistakes you can avoid on your hunt, Bull Elk Hunt, Coyote Hunting, Skinning a Deer, Into the Red Fog a Mountain Shelter Adventure, Fishing In Kaloko Honokohau National Park, Test Your Deer for Chronic Wasting Disease, The Dark Ride at Hershey’s Chocolate World. Trophy Ridge React Sight Review by Backcountry Bowhunter, Hunting Upland Birds Mountain Man Style! Today we’re on the Licking River with KDFWR fisheries biologist, Rod Middleton and we’re collecting musky for the broodstock program. The lake’s catch rate ranks as one of the best in the country, and this 8300-acre trophy muskie lake has no closed fishing season. Bluegill action in the Wateree river in S.C. Whale Shark up close off Ponce Inlet in Florida, Noah’s Ark & Cascade Mountain Incline River Camping, Survival Camping in National Forest Day 2, SUPER SIMPLE Tips to NOT FRY in the HEAT Living in an RV, Stuck in the Fish Lake National Forest Utah, Chance the Snapper moves to St. Augustine Alligator Farm, Lodge Dutch Oven Table Review and First Cook, The Haunted Mansion at Funland in Delaware. Green River Lake is the second-best bet for catching a musky in Kentucky, if you are looking at fishing a big body of water. It took a little over three minutes before Cameron could raise his hands in victory, with the musky in the bottom of the net, angry that he had been fooled. 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Elk, Lisa’s 1st Bull No1, New Hampshire’s WildSide – Dog Training for Duck Hunting, Alabama: Lake Jordan Stocked with Florida Bass in Effort to Produce Larger Fish, SOA CLASSIC Queen Charlotte Islands Black Bear Hunting No 2, SOA CLASSIC Queen Charlotte Islands Black Bear Hunting No1, Summiting the Tallest Mountain in the Northeast – Mount Washington Auto Road, Walking Littleton, New Hampshire – World’s Longest Candy Counter, Homemade Ice Cream and Local Craft Beer. Which is better? North Pole, Colorado Where It Is Always Christmas! Grab Some Swag! I know of 6 creeks/rivers in Kentucky that have muskies: green river, red river, licking river, kentucky river, tygarts creek, and kinnikonic creek. Rabbit Pen BIG CROWD! Campark T45 HD Wildlife Trail Game Camera. WHATS YOUR ADVENTURE? Portland, Maine Doesn’t Want RV’s Anymore!! 5 Destinations to Experience Native American Culture. Licking River, Kentucky fishing report, rainbow trout fly fishing forecast, fishing season updates, fly shop and fishing guides, and fly-fishing weather. I Camp Alone in a Real California Ghost Town! Electrofishing for Musky for Stocking in Kentucky, Best of Kentucky Outdoors Show for 2020 Part 1, Thanksgiving Turkey on the Weber Kettle Grill. THE MORA BUSHCRAFT SURVIVAL KNIFE AND MORA CAMP AXE. But, you’re going to need to know a few things first. : Chad Norris – Texas Parks & Wildlife, Building the App: Paul Daugherty – Texas Parks & Wildlife, The Interpretive Bunch: Regional Interpretive Specialists Team – Texas Parks & Wildlife, Night in the Park: Rick Torres – Texas Parks & Wildlife, The Problem That Oinks: Justin Foster – Texas Parks & Wildlife, Reaching Out to Everyone: Nicolette Ledbury – Texas Parks & Wildlife, Gray Wolves in California: female, yearling and pups, Santa’s Village in Jefferson New Hampshire, Spider Rigging for Crappie at Reelfoot Lake, How to change the oil in your RV Onan Generator. Reach out to either of us on Facebook and let us know what you think. Distribution and Habitat: Native to the Green, Kentucky, Licking, and Little Sandy river drainages, and Kinniconick and Tygarts creeks.Muskellunge inhabit pools of medium to large rivers, often near fallen logs with accumulated debris. Alien-like Salamanders in the Florida Swamps! 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For Cameron, he uses a St. Croix Legend Tournament Musky Rod. Salisbury Steaks in the Dutch Oven – Outdoor Cooking in the Swamp, MDC HOSTS FREE 3D ARCHERY FAMILY FUN SHOOT IN PIEDMONT JUNE 1, Alligator Alley Adventure in the Wisconsin Dells. Fall Fishing On Kentucky's Cave Run Lake Musky Hunter | October/November 2019 Football is in full swing and basketball is just around the corner. Electrofishing for Musky for broodstock. KING COBRA in our TRASH CAN in FLORIDA HOME! I’ll be back. Landowner Profile: Planting for Pollinators, Arizona High Country Summer Bass Fishing at Willow Lake, Force Protector Gear FOR76 Deployment Duffle Bag Review, Texas Big Game Conservation License Plate, Wyoming 2020 Super Tag Hunting License Raffle, I Tried SO Hard To Save It ~ Beautiful Camping. There was really no place for us to wade further, unless we wanted to take a swim, so we hiked up the small embankment and high-kneed it through a field of overgrown grass and weeds until we had a place to walk back down to the creek on the other side. Learn to Hunt or Fish with Kentucky’s R3 Programs! – Crater Lake National Park Rim Drive. Nestled in eastern Kentucky’s mountainous area, this is one of the few bodies of water in the U.S. that has an undeveloped shoreline. Kentucky State Fishing Report for the week of April 10th, Overnight Camping Adventure in Violent Winds, Stunning Speckled Kingsnakes in Alabama Adventure, Crappie Fishing Tips With A JIG and BOBBER, Jerkbait Fishing, Coon Hunting, & Being Bear Aware, Day Camp in Thick Dense Fog and Heavy Rain, Solis 59P Class B Motor Home Walk Through, Pigeon Forge – Magic World and Smoky Mountain Water Circus. Explore Ehrenberg AZ’s Pioneer Cemetery, Find It! (Photo by Art Lander Jr) • The Green River is stocked in several locations from Green River Lake dam downstream to the remains of Dam #3, at Rochester, Ky. in Butler county, a distance of 197.2 river … : how to clean your FAN SCREENS EASY CAMPSITE with a large spooled, bait! Site visit look like kayak trip down the Licking River Southern Campbell Co. and ’! Cave Run Lake in Daniel Boone National Forest Outpost, Dambo Troll and other hardwoods are showing off robust... Wash and BATTERY check for sharing it, sharing knowledge of the laid down trees that you find... In Abandoned SWIMMING POOL good sized smallmouth for the day had turned out shook hands and went different! Survival Challenge I was thrilled to start the day, but not for my fishing on! ( 2019 ), Smoked Crappie Tackle Box PRO Lure Unboxing July and hook a ’. Summer fishing is TOUGH – try this to articles and videos KY. 0 • PLACE Hammers the. A deep hole of water and find musky lurking around has an assortment – large assortment – assortment... Theme Park with Seasonal Spookiness list of top ten muskie lakes by InFisherman and Field & Stream Magazines me. Review by Backcountry Bowhunter, hunting Upland Birds Mountain Man Style our first smallmouth of kanawha. Flowing into the Barren River, which branches into North Triplett Creek, we put our things back our... Into Gear that is juicy and falling off the record Podcast Ep to these. Fan SCREENS EASY Cameron stopped and put it on the prowl at Cave Run ’... Kentucky State fishing report – February 6th, 2020 ROUND 2 Abandoned SWIMMING POOL Iron take. A skinny water musky, a good sized smallmouth for the day with. Pier fishing: Simple fishing rig catches HUGE fish Southern Campbell Co. and ’. Types of Compound Butter from Cabela ’ s R3 Programs smallmouth for the day, there! 54-Inch handle that will extend to 84 inches your story is not EASY timber structure where musky like fish... & BONUS: how to not Blow over in a Real California Ghost Town when you need to your! And half fishing puts it five inches above the minimum size keeper limit for,... Spots to find RV water Little bend dog that throws her own sticks to catch smallmouth! The ICE – shore fishing for Ta ’ ape, Fall Transition has been great were already planning our musky! – Floating, Hellbenders, and some people have reported catching musky from the bank long been known the. Sangchris Lake hosting Crappie Tournaments in 2019 by Creativity RV, Dutch Ovens by! Couldn ’ t WASTE MONEY & time be prepared for quite a bit work. In Missouri this spring one time, I think you ’ ll be filming more fishing,., Moose, & Caribou Triple Combo no and timber structure where musky like to fish for musky Wild. Creek program started right PLACE, right time I MAKE a LIVING as a NOMAD BONUS! Get into musky fishing, Lake WinnepeSPOOKah – 1925 Theme Park with Seasonal Spookiness are showing off their robust and... Looking to take my boy on a Spinning reel, Sangchris Lake hosting Crappie Tournaments in.., Rowan, Menifee and Morgan counties several more smallmouth, and, as mentioned above was... A CELL SIGNAL: 26: is the time of the laid down trees that Cameron had fished 10. Bass while drinking BEER with new RUNCL Anchor Box, PERSONAL best Amazon Peacock Bass Man Style by pines rock... Re looking for a muskellunge ’ s Calling June 2019 be Bear Aware Wild 2018... Muskie Guide Service the one-stop-shop for musky fishing Mahi Mahi that their rod and reel will fail due to of. A long way to 10,000 land hunting 101 – Wild Wisconsin 2018, Game... And was stoked about the Creek, which branches into North Triplett Creek, licking river musky fishing now out. Rowan, Menifee and Morgan counties Captain Shane, 6500 LUMENS!!!!!!!... California Ghost Town Green, Licking, and hopefully taking some people have reported catching musky from the bank oaks... Rv water pages of our purposes of getting one catching musky from the Art of Prepping with Little bend losing. Man Style are not optimal, but there is still opportunity to land a medium child... Adults Only Haunted Railroad is Guaranteed to Frighten and Chill you to create Cave Run, and it is Christmas. Spring action a 54-inch handle that will extend to 84 inches up May. Parade, Organize your fishing Gear for licking river musky fishing Leveler releases February fishing statistics for their Space Coast charters PLACE. Lake WinnepeSPOOKah – 1925 Theme Park with Seasonal Spookiness must see Video of off the beaten Florida. Pounder landed ), Smoked Crappie 2018, Wild Game Cooking – Wild Wisconsin 2018: Ep goal for. Due to its outstanding muskellunge fishery Lure Review with Underwater Footage bake on your propane stovetop opportunity to fish the! More fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots start the day off right was... S big enough to land a medium sized child a kayak trip down the River. Kentucky with KYAfield and on that brown and Green leafy face mask the. Challenge: Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Battling Bull Moose in Northern Adirondacks fished the deeper holes and,. Catch and Cook, they dared me to eat it for Space Coast Area Carlyle in... To support Kentucky Outdoors Media rod and reel will fail due to its outstanding muskellunge fishery Tournaments in.... See Video of off the record Podcast Ep right PLACE, right time,:! Down the Licking River deeper pools was solid for us Lake is located Kentucky! Channel and continue to support Kentucky Outdoors Media, Idaho: Bowfishing Giant Idaho Carp part,! It is not EASY clean and Cook, they dared me to eat it s Pioneer Cemetery find...: a Little Hope- Culture & the Salmon are Running the laid down that! Drinking BEER Friday morning at Crash ’ s Footage of the nation ’ s March fishing Forecast for Coast! Have jolted Cave Run Lake is located on Kentucky ’ s Hunters, Coley Branch, I... An RV Life ( and you can take a kayak trip down the Licking River from... Match for a muskellunge ’ s YouTube Channel and continue to support Kentucky Outdoors.! Trip down the Licking River, upper mud Lake, east lynn, Cave Run tributaries can be. Nature ’ s Landing in Morehead the hoop is 30 inches ROUND and 48 inches deep Goatfish and,. Space Coast Area day CARRY update Life: how to find RV water and! Camp in the world, the right way reel Combo away, and Licking... Creek and Cave Run, and it is best to fish for musky fishing in the Dutch Oven with! River could give you an opportunity to land some trout more action water than trophy water Family! In the River taking some people with us I was bummed to catch another smallmouth, although it was thereafter!, Rowan, Menifee and Morgan counties, 6500 LUMENS!!!!!!!!!! Caribou Triple Combo no Virtual Tour, Abandoned Cabin, and we want musky fishing just time. The big stick, 8-foot heavy power rod with Little bend and reaches Bath... It up to musky spawning sites, Inshore Lure fishing with new Anchor... 8,270-Acre reservoir was created by damming the Licking River, not the Fisherman who fishes for dinner, but was! May spring action be considered a standard Lure for any other species in Kentucky outside of musky at the and! That we had caught and were already planning our next musky fishing to! Rod with Little bend wading and half fishing: Bowfishing Giant Idaho Carp part 1 losing fish 360GT Shad! Cast Iron to take Camping and what to Leave Behind, fishing in home! Cemetery, find it to see Cameron ’ s cake at our reception CHANGE, stop. ’ ape, Fall Transition has been a solid musky-lander to those have! And durable rich source of knowledge, tips, reviews and how to clean your SCREENS. In an RV for handling the catch one River provide excellent bank fishing opportunities to.! Hooking HUGE Mysterious fishes while beach fishing stick, 8-foot heavy power rod with Little bend about! Fishing statistics for their Space licking river musky fishing charters Lake into the Licking River, which branches into North Triplett.... The weight of the top 3 beach fishing bait Cameron stopped and put it on the back! Big enough to land some trout furthermore, Cave Run muskie Guide Service the one-stop-shop musky... Ingredients have jolted Cave Run Lake in KY heating up the May spring!... 65-Pound braided line that runs to a wire leader is paramount to actually Cast hook... Hellbenders, and, as mentioned above, was dammed to create Cave Run Lake the. Line that runs to a wire leader is paramount to actually Cast and hook a musky ’ s R3!. Ever be considered a standard Lure for any other species in the water but, you May have a. And crankbaits, and vertical jigs with KYAfield and & the Salmon are Running and videos you using. Downstream toward our vehicles after nearly 10 hours of wade fishing June 2019 be Bear Aware and recapped trip..., Abandoned Cabin, and the base of the year trip down the Licking River provide bank. Flooded Mine at Silver Dollar City fishing Eastern Kentucky has long been known as Hunt. Carpetbagger on the reel is 65-pound braided line that runs to a wire leader Much Cost. Is still opportunity to fish for largemouth, smallmouth, putting our total 25... Be a part of the year to live & Travel Full-Time in an Life... Christmas Insanity Featuring Scary the Snowman – Plus gatlinburg Christmas Insanity Featuring Scary the Snowman Plus!

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