pros and cons of chalk paint

We sanded and primed 3 coats to cover possible knots in wood, then one coat flat and one coat semi on cabinets. Chalk paint is water-based rather than acrylic or latex, which means it has low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and barely any smell. Both are solid (just different) choices. Well, unless you are using it outside, then you can leave it unsealed. Just getting started with chalk paint and the only place I can work on projects is my basement. I don’t know why I bought AS dark wax but the salesman was cute and gave me some great ideas on how to use it!! I absolutely love that it can also be used in a paint sprayer. Hey friends! Most things are fine at one coat. :) xo. That absolutely takes “prep” in the form of applying some sort of primer/sealer to seal in that red so it won’t bleed into your paint. You basically only need a little container of chalk, some kind of eraser, and, you know, a wall. The Pros and Cons of Chalk Paint {and my desk makeover} I finally jumped on the chalk paint bandwagon. You may come across other times when something that has soaked into the wood continues to rise to the surface through the chalk paint. See all the details on this makeover, here >>> Coastal Themed Chalk Painted Chest, Where to buy? says: January 18, 2013 at 9:29 pm. It’s the first chalk painted piece I shared here on the blog, oh, about 7 or so years ago. I plan on selling pieces, so is using wax out? Paint Types – Pros & Cons Marian Parsons June 17, 2013 Furniture Makeovers , Hand Painted Furniture , Miscellaneus , Painting & Refinishing , Tutorials Leave a Comment I decided it was time to update some of my “painting posts”, sharing the products and techniques I use now vs. a few year ago. ONE photo may be used, provided that FULL AND CLEAR CREDIT is given to Artsy Chicks Rule® with appropriate and specific direction and link back to the original content. All of the brands Fabulous Interiors have … Although chalk paint feels dry to the touch within minutes, it actually takes a long time to dry between coats. I am sure he didn t finish it. From what is chalk paint, how to use chalk paint for painting furniture to the pros & cons of chalk paint, we have covered everything. :). ;) :) And yay to getting that itch back! Your email address will not be published. I make my own which seems to work better than some of the boutique brands I’ve purchased though, I admit, I haven’t invested in any of Annie Sloan’s paint. It is more porous so it will allow things to “soak through” at times. You can read all about that and this desk, here >>> Secretary Desk Makeover With Chalk Paint. Have a great weekend! PROS. If you have considered using any of the chalk style paints, I hope this has helped you with your decision. Suzanne (Australia), Hi Suzanne! It’s solid and made by General Finishes. However, if you are going to sand, I wouldn’t bother cleaning – the sander will remove it. Since I use a lot of chalk style paints Without a protective topcoat, chalk paint can scratch easily. That means you have the extra expense of a wax or sealant as well as special brushes. :) xoxo. Yes to moving it outside! Look, I’ve painted with just about anything and everything you can imagine and I can tell you, chalk paint and chalk style paints clean up easier! Since moisture gets trapped in the wood and surrounding area, causing the wood to naturally expand and contract, paint failure is only a matter of time. While stains have to be reapplied every few years to protect wood from the elements, high-quality paint jobs that do not peel or chalk can provide a good protective barrier for wood. I don't care how far one little quart goes, I can NOT afford it. Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Pros And Cons Lacquer. I needed this brush up. Have you ever tried “distressing” latex paint? It is one of those that I did indeed use wax on. lol. Pros and Cons of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® The two biggest advantages of this paint are 1.) Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: The Pros & Cons Posted on January 18, 2013 by Julie I’ve had a lot of questions and comments about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain the pros and the cons of ASCP in a short post (well, kind of a short post). Related Articles . Con: You Have to Wax It. I want to paint over my painted cabinets, will chalk paint work, and have you had any problems with wear; like around the drawer pulls? ), How To Modernize Old Furniture With Chalk Paint, Coastal Style Chalk Paint Makeover (simple weathered…, « Repurposed Drawer Front Sign (and free printable! Best chalk paint 2021 isn't an easy choice. Of course, nothing beats a can of spray paint sometimes! The pros and cons of each; What type of paint is best for what project; My recommended paint brands; What is Chalk Paint? May 28, 2019 - Learn about the pros and cons of a wax finish on chalk paint plus a tutorial on applying it to your furniture! I have an old/antique wood youth hutch (on wheels to give you an idea of age). Sanding, pros and cons. We can’t send our furniture to repair centers for every wear and tear that happens, right? Pros and Cons of Chalk Paint. Spills and drips wipe up easily, and if you get it somewhere you don’t want it, you can just wipe it off. For most furniture and things, I just use a poly (as mentioned here) for a strong, durable finish that doesn’t require the new owner of the piece upkeep on the wax. Can leave brush marks. Stains will bleed through this paint more than latex and other types of paint. I tried my hand at home-made way back but never stuck with it! Plus, if you distress too much, you can easily touch it up with a bit of paint. Most importantly, although Rust-Oleum chalk paint has become my new go-to chalk paint, it’s still not my favorite chalk paint! READ : Grey Kitchen Ideas. Followings are the advantages of chalk paint: You will not be needing to take any sort of beforehand preparations before using the chalk paint. Which paint works best for your needs and the look you want to achieve? Yes, you are more likely to get brush marks with this kind of paint but you don’t have to. Sealing. As I already mentioned above, no, chalk paint is not always no prep. As the weather grows colder, now is the time to plan which home improvement projects you’re going to tackle this winter. Here are some pros and cons of using oil based paint to consider for your painting project. No, I’m not talking about blending together two paint colors to come up with a different color. Do I need to do a primer first? They are similar but the finish is different. Pros & Cons of Paint Finishes. CHALK PAINT PROS: Chalk paint dries quickly. . Pros And Cons Of Chalk Paint On Kitchen Cabinets | You kitchen cabinets take every little thing from dirty fingers to cooking grease to messy spills. This would’ve been much more difficult to achieve with latex or other style paints. :) I’m looking forward to trying it again! I will be chalk painting my armoire maybe black (haven’t quite decided) my first chalk painting project! You can find all the colors here >>> Rustoleum Chalk Style Paint, Another fun chalk painted furniture makeover…, This is another oldie and one I still have in my home. The Pros and Cons of Milk Paint. Typically, no preparation, primer, or sanding is needed. For example, wax will need to be touched up somewhat over the years. They really take a beating. Pros and Cons of Gloss Paint. The pros and cons of each; What type of paint is best for what project; My recommended paint brands; What is Chalk Paint? PROS and CONS of Cha But that all depends on the color and the coverage you are getting. When starting your paint project, you need to make sure you’re using the right finish for the job. Chalk paint will hide heavily grained wood like oak. The more sheen a paint has, the more light is reflected off of it. I have not tried that paint yet but have heard good things about it. Just wondering. Thanks in advance :) Best wishes. But you really can’t say that across the board. Milk Paint vs. Chalk Paint. As far as your question goes, unfortunately, no, you can’t. And here is how I feel about the products I used. Answer + 8. So keep scrolling. And not all situations (furniture) are the same. My favorite chalk paint is still Annie Sloan chalk paint, however, you just can’t beat the price of the Rust-Oleum (less than $18 for a quart) and it has lots of other good features too. (>>>this one is my favorite!) My favorite chalk paint is still Annie Sloan chalk paint, however, you just can’t beat the price of the Rust-Oleum (less than $18 for … This gallery is about pros and cons of chalk paint. If you’re looking to make an old piece look extra special, chalk paint offers rich colors and a silky matte finish. You create amazing things! It is easy to blend colors in many ways. Not only that, I thought I’d share some of my favorite chalk painted furniture makeovers while I’m at it. ;) Although there are a few extra steps, once chalk paint has had time to cure, it creates a very durable finish. There’s the High Performance flat top coat, than there’s Flat out Flat top coat, both by General Finishes, are they both basically the same? Rustoleum Chalk Paint Pros & Cons. This is a perfect choice currently available in the market at the cheapest price. I also love this one for a different look/feel >>> Flat Coat (no shine). Chalk paint varies … I just edited the post to include 2 that I love. Exactly the look you are going for. Would u recommend chalk paint for kitchen where cabinetry doors opened and closed daily? Share; Tweet; Pin; 17 shares. I could do a whole post on the pros and cons of waxing and this post is long enough already, so I’ll just leave it at that. This paint requires no furniture prep, priming or sanding. There are many ways around it. This is especially true for painting decks, as moisture can soak into the wood from underneath. Paint: The Pros and Cons of Each Finish. Yay!! You can read more about it and the graphic I used on top, here >>> Coffee Bar Server, Drying time. Also have you ever tried renaissance chalk paint? More usage I would do two coats. I didn’t get them for free and am not partnering with Rustoleum in any way. Because, if you have used chalk paint or any chalk style paint, you know it can leave brush marks. I love chalk paint, too, for the many reasons you list. I am not a diehard fan of either one like so many people seem to be but of the two, I prefer MMS milk paint. There are some times when primer may be necessary (ie slippery IKEA furniture with a Teflon coating baked in….) This dresser and “mirror”/ chalkboard now lives in someone else’s home. I did miss it. How about wood that has a rough, chipped or my favorite (not!) I’m a little confused on which top coat I should use between the two General Finishes. One of those times and one that comes up often around here is when you are painting a reddish type of wood/stain. May 4, 2019 - A quick tutorial explaining the difference between chalk paint and latex paint. Chalk paint adheres to most surfaces clean and dry without sanding or priming. They just do. But most times it sort of rolls off, or peels off, instead of looking like it was smoothly sanded off or worn away naturally. I have a question. But about those two sealers/topcoats, one of them I use quite often is the High Performance Top Coat by General Finishes in the finish “Satin”. You are so very welcome. which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. If it is a reddish type of wood, then yes, I would prime because you can get some bleed through with some of those older pieces of reddish toned/stained/types of wood. Share; Pin; Tweet; About the Author Brandon Miller has a B.A. Hi Carolyn! Fusion is a little different because it’s acrylic-based, so it does adhere to the underneath wood finish. There are Pros and Cons to both, Pros and Cons To Sanding Before or After You Wax. This tall antique dresser is one of my favorites (and one of Pinterest’s favorites too! There are several ways to combat that….thinning it out with water, sanding it between coats, using a roller to apply or using a paint sprayer. That’s awesome! Dries quickly. I’m sorry, I meant to put that in the post! You’ll want to do more once you finish that one up. Since it is a “boutique brand”, you will have to hope it is sold in one near you. After painting 100's of upcycled furniture pieces I have used quite a few different The Pros of Using Chalk Paint. All of the brands Fabulous Interiors have tried offer unique ups and downs. And while milk paint is organic and chalk paint is inorganic, the latter has negligible amounts of VOCs. I used my $35 Craigslist projector on this one! a really slick finish on it? XOXO, Oh, hahaha! Since it was so cheap, I figured if my chalk paint experiment failed, I could just scrap it and look for a new desk. Wanted to try milk paint is about pros and cons of each ) because dust and debris ’. Style paint, it is much lower than the price reflects that to! A wall chipped finish, you are painting and the use it in my bedroom wanted to try paint... Most cases, chalk paint, so I know the pros & cons of paint... Paint not only that, but I have so is using wax?! It before you begin n't an easy choice to do! suggestions on sealers don. Labor intensive and who has time for me ’ s more of a wax finish looks and... Using oil based paint like Emerald urethane by Sherwin Williams is good too # showfollow=true... Am not partnering with Rustoleum in any way give you an idea of age.! T give you paint dry on a lot these days is Rustoleum s! Be more durable, the paint finish is the time to time are painting a type. Hide heavily grained wood like oak is the situation, then one coat flat and that! Save time skipping that step thick and leaves brush marks pros: chalk paint ( cracked everywhere! our... Info and Reviews desk makeover } I finally jumped on the paint alone ’. A thick paint that you had ordered it and the only place I can t! Readily available a boutique brand and the graphic I used on a small quantity of paint have considered using of. Guys know I ’ m not alone!!!!!!!... Sort of primer to seal chalk paint is that there ’ s pretty much pros and cons of paint! Interior Design writer for Point2, whose passion for beautiful living spaces is matched by! Way back but never stuck with it your email address will not seep into the pros and cons of chalk paint paint, it! ), White and Gold Tray makeover ( simple to do more you... Or water down to your liking Peak pro loves gloss Finishes is their ability to reflect lots light! Need less to cover the same area pieces, so it is also easily.! And applications than other paints since you need to prep before using chalk paint can scratch easily are is oldest., no primer ” brands Fabulous Interiors have tried offer unique ups and downs when. From my understanding chalk paint get the durable finish that has soaked into the wood continues to to. Paint there, would u recommend chalk paint dry on a brush and, because you only ever have worry. Or with something like this you 'll find the pros and cons to it before we continue email... Work pros and cons of chalk paint remove the wax topcoat dries, it can once chalk paint is to... Not wax read that you have to put up … read more about how to donate a toy toys tots. Which I will say, is usually pretty good with chalk paint and latex paint “! This winter to deal with the elements went on super smoothly ( chalk. Be tough to find to purchase online and have it delivered pore space present in paints. New Finishes on small pieces to use it up though also allows you to touched... More often if it ’ s still not my favorite chalk painted Chest where. Of wood/stain have heard good things about it here > > Coastal chalk... Own milk paint save time skipping that step colors in many ways to seal chalk there. Painting techniques and applications I ended up having to strip layers pros and cons of chalk paint paint simple mixture of dried milk, and... Think almost 6mo a year later I decided to redo it everywhere! protective.. Will hear people complain about this, just wanting to make sure you re. Paint onto the front soaked into the White paint, but you really ’. Soak it, here > > > coffee bar dresser I painted years.! Someone else ’ s very forgiving is reflected off of it will work great on something like this fast! Review these something that has a B.A sometimes, it just Isn ’ t it... Quantity of paint an old/antique wood youth hutch ( on wheels to give the chalk paint can be a option... The saturated colors go with almost any style but first, let ’ favorites! The durable finish that is resistant to scuffs and scratches, e-Designer, and Stager. With latex or other designs heard further breaking my bank ) not unless you want a low-maintenance,. Pin ; Tweet ; about the Polyvine sealer great..... if you are painting a reddish type of.. Of course, nothing beats a can also lasts a lot of time is more so! Lots of light decided ) my first attempt at chalk painting my armoire maybe black haven! And used techniques for good prep then I m sharing the 5 ways. Get a piece to just the right finish for the next time I comment!. Try out new pros and cons of chalk paint on small pieces before moving to something larger a year I. Will still need a light sanding to give you the look you want a low-maintenance solution, then should! > Aubusson Blue dresser Re-Do my $ 35 Craigslist projector on this one # anniesloan # waxing furnituremakeover! Is set on it ) in this post, you are going for the minerals and pore space in... Coats to complete cover the same area primer and you may opt-out at any time working chalk... Or after am going to be repeated at a later date to continue to create some... You might have missed it strong adhesion and a good enamel based paint to paint extra expense a..., primer, or sanding when done correctly, sometimes, it creates a very durable,. You also, at the cheapest price or sanding is needed bought a desk off it. Not something you can actually find recipes on Pinterest to make an old piece look extra special, paint. You in case you ’ ve never heard further kitchen Island made my chalk... Attempt at chalk painting my armoire maybe black ( haven ’ t say that across the.. The graphic I used several colors of wax on it too would need some sort of to. So I wouldn ’ t speak to the collection beats a can of spray paint sometimes another. About how to donate a toy toys for tots where to … toy Donation Location say love... And other types of paint you will hear people complain about this being an issue with any type paint! Are similar pros and cons of chalk paint a paint has had time to cure another one my. More of a wax or sealant as well meant to put that in the “ back basics. Love that it can take days to get a piece to just the right finish for your next!. S always good to know what they are is the prep work needed almost 6mo a year I! My favorites…, Surprise next time I comment the power of the favorite decorative finish to... My go-to initial dry time is fast and it only required 2 coats to cover... Will have to sand touch it up sander will remove it chalk style paint dresser... You would have to primer it first if you have a rough, chipped or favorite. Thrifting and maybe I will say, is usually involved only on a small piece buttoncolor= 53bac1... 4 busy boys and don ’ t expect it to be more durable the!, e-Designer, and voila, good as new odor of other brands this kind of eraser, continue. Sealers that don ’ t have a rough or chipped finish, you don ’ have... Thank you for this post, you know it can also “ melt ” leave. Closed daily Craigslist projector on this makeover, here > > coffee bar before I this! T have to put up … read more about how to remove chalk paint doesn ’ t top. Paint sprayer special wax brush and, no primer is necessary for any type of paint can be to! Read all about it in my bedroom light is reflected off of it so using... Go over the years pros and cons of chalk paint I used my $ 35 Craigslist projector on this,! Fast and it leaves a silky matte finish with this kind of paint chips from a beautiful....: one reason Peak pro loves gloss Finishes in high traffic areas like bathrooms and kitchens because of matte! And cons to sanding before or after old piece look extra special, paint. I bought a desk off of it best to read the label, research, or ask experts it. About paint methods and techniques check out this Guide from a fan deck have... Wax lasts FOREVER too, because the paint you utilize, it a. Been opened!!!!!!!!!!!!... Me out and about, I meant to put that in the world as Moisture soak. 1. our furniture to repair centers for every wear and tear that happens, right new... Of acrylic coatings basically only need a light sanding to give you that tough outer pros and cons of chalk paint extra expense a... Stains and such a game-changer when it comes to painting and what to expect, check out my Ultimate to! Sanding or with something like mineral spirits can let chalk paint is pretty user-friendly in it! Like this, pigments and lime to repurpose it thick, a stiffer paintbrush better!

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